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Pro Mezcal Association

This program is aimed at anyone who wants to or should manage knowledge about Mezcal in a serious and professional way such as:


1.- Specialist such as the Distillers.

2.- Salespeople, vendors of Mezcal.

3.- Personnel involved in gastronomy.

4.- Wait staff and bartenders.

5.-Tourist consultants.

6.- Media.

7.- Buyers.

8.- Consumers in general.

9.- Those who seek to learn how to choose the best selections of this spirit.


This requires learning, knowledge and tasting of multiple Mezcals,  that should provide an incentive for interested fans and aficionados, professional or Mezcal distillers, as it will allow them to participate, with and objective appreciation in any cosmopolitan set, whether in USA, Mexico,  or the world.

The program ends with a test that is sincerely unique, distilling Mezcal.




Asociación Pro Mezcal Culture, A.C.



Sergio Jesús Inurrigarro de la Vega

President and Legal representative

Civil Association Promoting the Culture of Mezcal and Certifying Body of CONOCER/SEP

Directing the Master Mezcalier Program


We started Activities in December 1998 and have conducted all over the globe more than 1,800 tastings, helping increase the demand for mezcal around the world.

About Us

Mezcal Is moving, customers are becoming more perceptive and demanding for better mezcals, some more dynamic distillers are developing, innovate and surprising products.

The increasing competition and economic dispute are right around the corner, everybody wants to be successful in the future of mezcal market.

The culture of mezcal has grown and improved in the last 15 years since many measures have been taken in its own benefit.

National and international events, competitions, stimulus to education by associations and institutions and other factors of spiritual nature, has cause as results, that mezcal distillers produce now days more premium and ultra-premium quality mezcals.

The efforts of the Association Pro Culture of Mezcal and other various sites of mezcal worship that have emerge around the world, has caused that mezcal gourmet is developed and produced, with the sophisticated flavors that the agaves can offer, to supply the market of food, beverage and trade.

We are proud to announce the  program for those seeking certification as Master Mezcalier.

This program consists of ascending Levels of courses as sanctioned by CONOCER
(Consejo Nacional de Normalizacion y Certificacion de Competencia Laborales), COMANDO
(Comite Nacional para la sustentabilidad del Maguey, Mezcal y Destilados de Origen A.C) and the Asociacion Pro Mezcal Culture A.C. This program was written into Mexican law on Aug.2011 and published in the Mexican Law Journal.

The Pro mezcal certifying body is supported by its members own funds, and donations by sponsors. 

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