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Only an educated and impeccably trained palate can guarantee an optimal sensorial interpretation of the mezcals and make important, formal and serious judgments of it.

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The Goals of the master Mezcalier, are to improve the mezcal culture in general, apply the knowledge to use mezcal in all sorts of practical ways and with all its diversity of species.

To transmit the necessary basic knowledge of the wide range of products, the type of products and the criteria to taste and provide tastings. Thus, the programs are designed to deepen knowledge to obtain the ability to objectively evaluate and judge the totals spectrum that mezcals offer.



Wonderful experience, thank you so much!

Alexandra Vianccinni

Mezcales de Leyenda

Mexico City


Amazingly insightful class, we could do the entire process, Tlacolula a perfect location

All distillers visited extremely hospitable and generous

Robert Raymond Dutton Jr.

Lucky 13, Utah, USA


There was not a moment where I felt that is was not worth, by far level 4th was my favorite I take the mezcal and Oaxaca back with me in my heart.

Rodrigo Bojórquez

Bacanora 42


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